Why 2019 Is My Year Of Doing Less And Giving More

Mid-December, I sat down to review the progress I had made towards my goals for the year and set some new ones for the year ahead. I coined 2018 as my year of goals, and I’m happy to say I freaking crushed it. But I want 2019 to look a little different – to do a little less. Yes, you heard that right, and here’s why.

When I say I crushed my 2018 goals, that doesn’t mean I hit every single goal I had for the year. Some were accomplished, some changed as I grew, and there were a couple I wasn’t able to reach. But, looking at all the progress I had made, the big picture is a HUGE win!

Doing Less & Giving More

I launched this blog AND a company. From idea stages, to product development, branding, website, launch and beyond. I even filed my own trademark application. I did all of that and still can’t freaking believe it. I got some amazing brand partnerships this year and can’t wait to see what the future holds!

I started taking better care of my skin and myself. I became more vocal about what I wanted and what I am willing to accept in my life. My husband and I had many fun date nights and many deep (i.e. not always easy) conversations about building a solid marriage and being the best we could be for each other. We spent as much time as we could together as a family.

I put a lot of effort into personal development and being the best version of myself. Mindset is such a huge component to all of our accomplishments, and it was a big focus of mine. I also struggled with balancing it all, and tried to maximize my efficiency in every way I could think of.

Looking Ahead for 2019

Looking ahead

As I reviewed all of this and was preparing to look ahead, I was so proud of what I had accomplished but also felt a feeling I just couldn’t ignore. I was burnt out. I could feel my creative juices slowing, and overall was feeling a level of stress that frankly sucked.

Between the busy season at my day job, and things picking up in my side projects – I had MORE than enough on my plate. I was so afraid of losing what I had worked for, I was trying to do all the things and was stretched thin.

Those who have been there, know it’s only a matter of time when functioning this way that things start to unravel. Trying to do too much inevitably leads to mistakes, mishaps and exhaustion.

I needed to pull back, to reassess. So I did.

Pulling back

Everything non-essential went on the back burner. Time for family. Time for reflection. Time for some deep self-evaluation.

In times when you are reassessing, or adjusting your path, it is so important to have a strong sense of your why. Maybe even more so than when you first start on your mission.

My why has always been my family, not just more time but improving our quality of time. I was very intentional when building my projects that our family be a big part of them so that working and spending time can coexist. But, if I’m burnt out from doing too much I can’t give my family the best version of me. In working so hard to get more time, I was diminishing the quality of our time and working against my why.

Family Time In The Year Of Giving

I spent the end of the year focusing on that quality. Lots of love, extra cuddles, listening to my family and what they needed. I took the time to make sure the people that mean the most to me know that they are loved. I put some effort in to things around the house I had been neglecting. Let’s just say our laundry mountain (clean clothes) still had shorts in it. In December. Oops.

We did a massive purge. Got rid of clothes, toys, furniture, emotions – anything that was no longer serving that why. By the end of the day, we had gotten rid of so much I was a little bit nervous we might hear some push back from the kids. But as we got read for bed, Maverick walked into his room and loudly proclaimed “nice and clean, just like I like it!” Heading into 2019 with clean rooms and clean minds! Like I said, crushing it!

2019, The Year Of Giving

After this time to reflection and evaluation, I realized I wanted this upcoming year to focus less on what I was doing and more on why I am doing it.

With that in mind, I’ve coined 2019 the year of giving.

Giving My Attention: one of my favorite terms is “your presence is a present.” I put it on my kids party invitations and recite I often. But am I really present when I’m preoccupied with work?  I’d like to spend more time with those I am with knowing I am fully present, which means putting down my phone/computer/work talk, etc. To help with this goal, I installed the app “Screen Time” where I can track time on my phone, and set limits for myself. Truth be told I haven’t activated it yet. Baby steps my friends.

Modeling The Concept Of Giving: Above most anything else I want for my children, I want to raise kind humans. I find myself pushing the donation box around birthdays and Christmas, but I would like to make a conscious effort to share the importance of giving with my boys year round. I’m working on a few things for this goal I’m excited to share later this year, but I am always looking for ideas so if you have good ones share them below!

Giving To Myself: As I laid out my goals, I saw a post from a friend that struck me. One of her goals was “Pour from a full cup”. It hit me like a ton of bricks. Sure we’ve all heard “you can’t pour from an empty cup”, but the concept of a full cup really blew my mind. As a mom, I had gotten really good at putting just enough in my cup so it wasn’t totally empty but it was still a far cry from being full enough to leave me feeling fulfilled. I want to give myself more patience with my challenges, more slack for my (perceived) shortcomings, and more time to focus on what I love.

Giving To Yourself

When It’s All Said & Done

Naturally, when we make it to the end of 2019 I’d like to feel accomplished and successful, but the biggest goal for the year is fulfillment. I am excited to get back at it after some recharge time, and can’t wait to see what this year has in store!

What are your goals for 2019? I’d love to hear them!


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Why 2019 is my year of doing less & giving more
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