Fall Food & Wine Pairing: Pumpkin Pasta Bake & Chardonnay

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Fall is in full swing, and the rich aromas of the season are in the air. And, if you read my last post about fall flavors, you know how happy that makes me! In fact, that post also gave you a little sneak peak of today’s recipe, and my inbox has been going crazy for the details! So here it is, the pumpkin cardamon pasta bake recipe!

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The Latest Fall Flavor Trends From Whole Foods Market

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Of the four seasons, fall is my absolute favorite. The rich colors, the warm aromas, the cozy feeling of your favorite sweater, the overwhelming theme of gratitude, all the fall flavors. There is even an entire holiday dedicated to three of my favorite things – family, food, and football. It is a season that speaks to my soul. Not to mention, it includes my birthday! I guess my love affair with fall was just meant to be.

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