Protecting Family Time: Why Sundays Are My Very Favorite Day

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There are many reasons why Sundays are my favorite days. For one, this is the one day a week that my husband (Mr. P&P) gets up early with our oldest and I get to stay in bed with the baby (his days are Mondays). The big boys hang out and do things like watch cartoons, eat cereal and play video games while the baby and I usually sneak in an extra hour of sleep and I get lots of extra baby snuggles. But that’s just the beginning. 


While I love sleep and baby snuggles, this falls in second place to my true reason that Sundays are my absolute favorite! Sundays are OUR DAY, the only day each week we have together as a family. And we protect these days as fiercely as we protect our children.

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With odd and demanding work schedules, Mr. P&P is up well before dawn and runs different days than my very average M-F gig. This leaves us in brief passing for an hour or two throughout the week. Sunday is the magical day that our schedules intersect and open a perfect window for some quality family time.

The thought of having protected time with people we see everyday may seem odd, but so often our schedules fill with birthday parties, BBQs, baby showers, baseball games, and the list goes on and on (sidenote- why do so many things we do start with “b”?). We love going on these various adventures as a family, but we noticed that the more our calendars filled the more the quality of our time together deteriorated. So much time was spent running around from one activity to another that we didn’t have the time to just sit and enjoy each others company.

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Our solution? Safeguard our Sundays! Sundays are reserved exclusively for family time, watching movies, making pancakes, often staying in our pjs and tons of extra cuddles. We usually fire up the BBQ in the late afternoon and weather permitting I play with the kids in the backyard while Mr. P&P mans the grill. The very definition of a perfect day, in my book anyways.

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Sneaking In Quality Time

Making quality family time a priority in your schedule is so important! I know it’s not always easy to block out a whole day, so here as a few ways we also sneak quality time into small moments throughout the week:

  • Don’t overlook your commute time! I have the boys with me on my commute to and from the office, so we spend that time dancing to our favorite tunes and listening to kids podcasts – our favorite one right now is Story Pirates! They are a non-profit that has a super fun story telling podcast, but also does workshops around the country for things like family engagement and educational media.
  • Interactive bedtime routine. Beyond the usual pajamas, potty and teeth brushing, we sneak in some cuddles and story time before bed each night. Not only is reading important, but the boys love these few extra minutes with us. Trying to fit in some reading time on the go? We love our Kids Edition Fire Tablets. Special for our readers, you can get your first 30 days of Amazon’s Kid Content App FreeTime Unlimited Free here.
  • Rise before the kids each day. As a parent I know most of us don’t get much sleep as it is, but if we can wake up even 30 or 45 minutes before they do we can knock out a few tasks (and even sneak in some “me” time), leaving us recharged and with some extra time in the schedule for what our kiddos are craving each day.
  • Let them join in! While we all wish we could put aside responsibility to just play with our kiddos all day, that’s just not realistic. Having them join in with daily tasks like meal preparation or house cleaning is a great way to get some extra face time with those littles!


Fitting Quality Time Into A Busy ScheduleFitting Quality Time Into A Busy ScheduleProtecting Family Time

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