Our Bedroom Makeover For Distance Learning!

We just finished our first week of schooling from home. Words I truly never thought I would speak, but here we are! Being the eternal optimist that I am, I cried for about a day when I saw the writing on the wall that we would be distance learning, then decided to put all that energy into making the year as magical as we can. Luckily, we had a perfect spot ready for a desk in the boys’ room, so I got to work! Now that we’ve got most of our setup dialed in, I am excited to share some of my favorite finds for this double desk learning space. Here’s our bedroom makeover for distance learning!

Kids Desk

The biggest and most obvious new purchase is this new desk. Here is the exact desk we ordered, but it’s currently out of stock so I have linked a similar one here. We considered several others, but I loved that this one gave them each separated work spaces, since they tend to bug each other when they are seated next to each other with some sort of barrier.

I also like the ample space for storage. I may end up switching to fabric bins eventually for a cleaner look, but I really loved these colorful bins I found in the bulleye’s playground at Target. I purchased them on sale, and paid about $1.50 per bin, I call that a win! You can also write on them with dry erase, but I may throw some vinyl on them to label them since the kids like to erase whatever I’ve written in dry erase marker. #momlife

Kids Distance Learning Set Up


Of course we also have to talk about these awesome chairs. Because the start of their school year was just around the corner, their desk makeover came before mine and let me tell you I am JEALOUS of these chairs. The adult version is on the top of my wish list for my office makeover, which will be coming soon! We had originally planned on getting these wobble stools after I read about the benefits of active sitting on concentration and focus, but they were a little shorter and I worried about them being the right height for this particular desk. If you have a shorter desk or table they are a great option.


Kid's Chair


I also really love this poster set we got to go up behind the desk, also from Amazon! I really liked that they come in both English and Spanish (double-sided), so once the boys master the basics in English we can flip them over and practice in Spanish. Maverick’s school starts foreign language study in kinder and he is working on Spanish, so this is perfect for both boys. I just added this clock, so we can start working on telling time. Eventually, I will put up little sample clocks that coincide with his class schedule next to the clock (i.e. one that is set at 8:30 for morning meeting, 10:00 for math lesson, etc), but frankly it’s already been an insane week. Maybe I’ll get to that next week. We also grabbed these dry erase calendars, to help keep our schedules organized. I loved that they have a place to pin important documents and a little magnet to hold things on the whiteboard portion as well.


Kid's Calendar


I also can’t forget to mention a few fun learning items we placed on top of the desk. The first is our planetarium projector that Maverick got for a birthday gift last year. It’s still one of our favorites for bedtime, and we’ve been learning a lot about the solar system in the last few weeks. The other is this awesome globe, can you believe it’s a puzzle? It came from our Little Learning Hands World Explorer Box which is a great home learning option for geography, and I’ll be sharing more about what was in our box very soon.


Kids Planetarium Projector

Kids Globe Puzzle


Of course, with many electronics come many cords! We picked up a few items to help with cord organization because this is one of my biggest pet peeves! These cable clips keep their chargers accessible and keeps them from falling behind the desk. I’ll be using them for my office makeover as well, so we snagged a huge pack. We also grabbed this cord basket that is mounted under the desk, to keep things tidy under there. We didn’t want to drill into the desk, so we mounted the basket with this double-sided mounting tape.


Cable Clips


Last but not least, I have to show off these fun pencil pouches we got this year. I usually (aka always) opt for “generic” supplies for them whenever possible, because well money… but this year I felt they really could use something extra to get excited about so I sprung for these fun Disney pencil pouches.  They each came with markers, color pencils, two pencils, scissors, an eraser, a glue stick, a pencil sharpener, a ruler and a small notepad so they were distance learning ready!


Disney Pencil Pouches

Disney Pencil Pouches


I think that’s it for now, I will update as the year goes on as we find out what is working best for us. All I know, is that we are going to do the best we can to make the best out of our time distance learning. I’d love to hear about what’s working great for your family too! Share your finds in the comments below.


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Distance Learning Makeover

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