How To Be Your Own Valentine For Busy Moms

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Regardless of your relationship status, it is always important that you love yourself first! Which is exactly why I am encouraging you to be your own Valentine this year (and every year for that matter!).

We as moms make a habit of putting our children, our significant others, our various responsibilities and more ahead of ourselves, and that’s only natural, but at some point we must focus on our own cup to be sure there is something in there to pour into others.

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As a mom when I’m told “be your own valentine” two things immediately come to mind: I don’t have the time or money for that! But in reality, self love and self care don’t have to be grand gestures, it can be as simple as giving yourself a hug.

So I’ve put together a list of simple ways you can focus on showing yourself some love so you have love in return to share with those around you.

Praise Yourself! Make a list of your best qualities, and praise yourself for them! I’m serious!

This was inspired by this video by mom blogger extraordinaire Kristina Kuzmic about the things we say to ourselves! Why is it that we would say terrible things to ourselves that we would NEVER DREAM of saying to others.

Talk to yourself like you are talking to your best friend! Be supportive, be encouraging, be inspiring, celebrate your successes, be your own cheerleader! Ditch the negative self talk!

Throw on a face mask! It can be some one of those sheet masks that make you look like a mummy, or something with literal gold in it, or something simple like coconut oil and coffee grounds (great for under eye bags BTW), or even these fun little Collagen Eye Pads with Vitamin E for Dark Circles and Puffiness

Eye Masks and Coffee for busy mom self love!

– but throw it on while you make the kids dinner or while you vacuum or while you take a bubble bath if you are lucky enough to carve out that kind of time!

Simple acts of self care can have a big effect on your self confidence (and your skin), so sneak them in wherever you can!

Practice some deep breathing. If you can carve out five minutes to do some meditation I HIGHLY recommend it, and there are even apps and youtube videos that will do quick guided meditations to recharge your soul.

Don’t have time for that? Been there too! Try taking a minute or two while you are in the shower, cooking dinner, in your car before you head into work, to really clear your mind and practicing breathing deep into your diaphragm.

Even a minute or two with “mommy brain” -you know, where the gears never stop- turned off can do wonders!

Enjoy your “thing” – whatever it is. This could be reading a book, chatting with a girlfriend, or enjoying a glass of wine (this is of course my thing!). Just take a moment to do something you enjoy, simply because it makes you happy!

I’ll be pouring myself a second glass of guilt-free wine tonight! No promises to work off the calories or whatever, just a little gift from me to me, to say “I love you girl!”


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