Top 5 Busy Mom Kitchen Hacks From Laura!

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You’ve already met me and learned a little about our journey to clean-ish eating (if you missed it, you can read about it here), but we also have a very special regular guest here at Pairings & Parenting I’d love you to get to know, and she brought along her Top 5 Busy Mom Kitchen Hacks!

Top 5 Busy Mom Kitchen Hacks!

I actually met Laura when I got invited to one of her food prep workshops by a close friend. Not one of those obvious earth shaking moments, but it sounded like fun so I hopped in! Not only did the workshop make healthy eating quick and easy, she was so full of tips and recipes for healthy eating she’s like a busy mom’s kitchen guru! It was life changing!


For this reason, I knew when I started this blog I knew I wanted her along on the journey as well, as a regular guest contributor! So that you all can get to know her, I’ve asked her to share a little about herself and her top 5 busy mom healthy eating tips!


Laura says:

Like Amy mentioned, she and I met at one of my Wildtree meal prep workshops. Instantly I knew this chick was rad, so I couldn’t be more thrilled the be contributing to this blog!

I keep myself pretty busy balancing my household, my business with Wildtree, volunteering, and being a mom of a very spirited 3 year old! And, ultimately, I am a self-proclaimed lazy person. Yep, you read that right… not many people admit that, but I love my leisure time with my family and friends. I don’t love making meals that take hours. Or cleaning up a ton of dishes from cooking and prepping. But, I also have a passion for making sure my family eats clean and healthy, so I had to find shortcuts that would work for this “lazy” girl!

So, here are my top 5 busy (and lazy) mom kitchen hacks:

    1. The Most Important Meal Of The Day!

      We all know starting our day and sending our kids out the door with a good, healthy breakfast in their bellies is super important. Protein keeps you full longer, so eggs are a great option! I started prepping an egg casserole on Sunday evenings, and then just heating up prices for my family in the mornings throughout the week. Click here to see the quick, healthy recipe and a few of my family’s favorite variations!

    2. Don’t Underestimate Chicken!

      One of my favorite items to make is shredded chicken for the week! Almost every week, I take a pound or two of boneless skinless chicken breasts, toss them either in the crock pot or the Instant Pot with a little Wildtree Chicken Bouillon for some flavor. There are SO many ways to use shredded chicken for quick, healthy, delicious meals! Click here for some recipes and ideas!

    3. Shop online for your groceries!

      There are so many options available out there to save you a trip to the store. Once I have created my weekly menu, I shop for my groceries online, usually while my daughter naps or after she’s in bed for the night. This can actually be a huge money saver too! You can shop according to sales, so for example, if pork chops are on sale, I can find a pork great recipe on Wildtree Meals app (we’ll talk more about that in a bit). We love this so much, we actually did a full review of a few of the top online grocery services (with some special offers!)!

    4. Plan Out Your Menu On Sunday!

      Spend a few minutes on Sunday creating your menu for the week! Grocery shop  according to your plan, and then prep your meals accordingly! You’ll actually save time, stress less, and spend less money! Wildtree has an awesome app that makes all this ridiculously easy – read more about that here.

    5. And if you can’t tell there’s a theme here… it’s all about the PREP!

      One of the biggest time savers for getting healthy meals on the table quickly is Meal Prepping. As Amy mentioned, I host Meal Prep Workshops – where you get together with your friends and prep 10-20 healthy, flavorful meals to stock your freezer! You can pull 2, 3, or 4 of these meals out on a Sunday evening to defrost, then they’re ready for quick cooking throughout your week! Look at that – more than half your week’s dinners are already planned and prepped! Meals are as simple as just spreading the contents of a bag on a sheet pan to bake, tossing in a crock pot, or throwing it on the grill! No extra prep, no extra dishes; just quick cooking, healthy, delicious meals that your family will love! Want more info on why we love Wildtree so much?

What are you favorite time savers in the kitchen? Share them in the comments!


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