Our Bedroom Makeover For Distance Learning!

We just finished our first week of schooling from home. Words I truly never thought I would speak, but here we are! Being the eternal optimist that I am, I cried for about a day when I saw the writing on the wall that we would be distance learning, then decided to put all that energy into making the year as magical as we can. Luckily, we had a perfect spot ready for a desk in the boys’ room, so I got to work! Now that we’ve got most of our setup dialed in, I am excited to share some of my favorite finds for this double desk learning space. Here’s our bedroom makeover for distance learning!

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New Snack Option For Kids With Food Allergies

I know I have hinted a few times over the last few months about the project we had been working on so I am so thrilled to finally share the details with you all! When our youngest was born with a dairy allergy, it was a game changer. We have a few food allergies in our extended family, but it had never affected what I could eat let alone the well-being of my children. I was overwhelmed upon receiving the diagnosis, and to make matters worse, our pediatrician wasn’t much help. We decided to take matters into our own hands and started a mission to make life with food allergies a little easier.


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The Latest Fall Flavor Trends From Whole Foods Market

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Of the four seasons, fall is my absolute favorite. The rich colors, the warm aromas, the cozy feeling of your favorite sweater, the overwhelming theme of gratitude, all the fall flavors. There is even an entire holiday dedicated to three of my favorite things – family, food, and football. It is a season that speaks to my soul. Not to mention, it includes my birthday! I guess my love affair with fall was just meant to be.

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Carter And His Nasal Dermoid Cyst

I owe you all an apology. I’ve been vague-booking over the last few weeks, and that’s not something I like to. In fact, it really drives me crazy. I’m so transparent with you all that it felt odd to hold back something so large in our life, but I also didn’t know how to put it all into words. It has been such a barrage of medical terms and “what ifs”, I wasn’t even sure what to say.

Now that we have been able to wrap our heads and hearts around this as a family and have some answers, I’m glad to finally share an update with you all.

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Maui Family Vacation : The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

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Aloha! We are officially back in the swing of things after our Maui family vacation! This being our first family trip with TWO kids, I can’t wait to give you the run down! You may have seen this list of tips for traveling with little ones that I compiled from my experiences traveling with one, so I’ll share how we used a few of those items. Traveling with two definitely added a new list of challenges, but I also had my hubby to help this time around. So here it is, the recap of our Maui trip!

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Getting Ready For Summer Vacation: Traveling With Littles

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With summer approaching and the excitement growing for our upcoming Hawaii vacation, I also feel the slight twinge of stress in the pit of my stomach that comes from knowing in just 45 short days I will be trekking through the airport towards a 5+ hour flight with my two littles in tow. The only thing keeping me together is the fact that I have amassed a list of must have tips, tricks and gadgets over the years and many family trips, to help traveling with kids go a little smoother. I share them with you today in the hopes they also make your family vacations just a little bit easier!

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6 Steps To Cleaner Living

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Have you been looking for easy ways to create a cleaner lifestyle for your family? As a mom it can be so overwhelming trying to balance the various demands of motherhood while also trying to find ways to improve your lifestyle, whether it be with healthy eating, ridding chemicals from your home or any of the millions of other ways on the market that tout healthy living perks. We have taken 6 easy steps on our a journey to clean living, and I’m laying ’em all out for you today! Read more “6 Steps To Cleaner Living”