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Been searching for Black Friday level deals but don’t want to wait until November? That magical summer event that brings us just that is upon us again. Where our favorite online retailer giant rains down awesome deals like Christmas in July. What is this greatness I speak of? It’s AMAZON PRIME DAY and it’s back again! I’m breaking down what to expect, sharing the top deals, and some secret tips to get the most out of Prime Day 2018.

*New Updates for 2019 Now Released!*

If you have been following me or the blog for more than like two seconds, you know that I am an Amazon junkie. Sometimes I think I should try to break the habit, but why? It’s all just so damn convenient. I mean, the other day I set foot in a brick and mortar grocery store for the first time in months and it was a TOTAL drag. Online shopping ALL THE WAY!


But seriously, as a busy mom of two, Amazon saves the day almost daily! And as much as I love convenience, I also love a good freaking deal!

Enter Prime Day. It’s funny really because just a couple years ago the words “Prime Day” meant nothing to us. Until some guy or gal in the marketing department, we’ll call them Sam for kicks and giggles, thought up this whole crazy Hallmark holiday! Let’s make a new black Friday, in July, and make it awesome. AND WE ATE IT UP! Thanks Sam! Someone get Sam a raise!

One of the best parts about Prime Day? Other retail giants saw this surge in mid-summer sales and jumped on the bandwagon not to be outdone. When Prime Day rolls around companies start passing around discounted TV’s and free two-day shipping like it’s candy! Deal hunters rejoice!

Being a veteran Prime Day shopper, I wanted to share a few secrets and tips with you to help make your Prime Day everything you dreamt it could be!


*Updates for Prime Day 2019 Below!*


1. Be a prime member!

First rule of Prime Day is that you must have an Amazon Prime membership. Don’t have one? No fear – we’ve got a Free 30-Day Amazon Prime Trial for you. Sign up and you’ll have access to all those deals.

I would suggest signing up for the trial a day or two BEFORE the deals start. Once they start, things can go FAST. If you are busy signing up for your membership you might miss that screaming deal on the handbag you’ve had your sights on.

If you’ve already done a trial, the membership is $119 a year, or $12.99 per month. With what you get in a membership, it’s a steal.

Recently, a few cell phone companies and subscription services have also begun offering free Prime memberships to their customers. Make sure you read the fine print of any contracts you may have to make sure you aren’t missing out on getting Prime for free! Students and those receiving certain income-based benefits can also qualify for discounted Prime memberships.

The most obvious value is that free two day shipping. If you are ordering two items a month that you typically pay at least $5 in shipping for, you’ve already saved yourself money.

Not to mention all the other AWESOME perks that come with a membership. From streaming to grocery delivery, when you add up everything it comes with, TOTALLY worth it! I have a whole post coming soon about how to make the most of your Prime membership, so keep an eye out for that to maximize your investment.

2. Watch those deals!

Like Black Friday or the Super Bowl, it’s wise to go into Prime Day with a plan. Is there something specific you are looking for? Great, you can sort by category! See something you want? Amazon actually gives you a number of ways to keep an eye on that item.

The first is to add it to a shopping list or wish list. We actually keep a running wish list for each member of our family, and let me tell you, it makes gift giving so easy!

When the kids have a birthday party or Christmas coming up, I just shoot our relatives (who request it) the link to their wish list instead of listening to my four year old try to describe that thing he saw in the infomercial for an hour.

For hubby and I, it makes birthdays and anniversaries super easy. If I see something I like throughout the year, I just add it to my list. When my birthday comes around he picks an item or two and DONE! No wondering if it’s something I actually want or if he’ll end up in the doghouse for ordering two sizes too big.

Wish lists will also show you if the price of an item has dropped since being added to the list, so you can gauge when a good time to purchase said item is. I use this frequently, but also have another super awesome trick I use for big ticket items that I’ll share in second!

The next deal tool built into Amazon is the ability to “watch” a deal. Once you are watching it, you’ll receive reminders and updates on that deal. The drawback to this function is that you can only do this once they post a deal. However, many deals are posted a day or two (or even 3+) in advance, so skim through and watch those deals! I usually start browsing the deals a day or so before Prime Day starts so I have my deals all set to watch.

As I mentioned above, things on Prime Day can move FAST. If you have something you really really want (Spice Girls anyone?) – be ready to pounce the moment it goes live. The first year of Prime Day, I had my heart set on a new TV and found the perfect one for a screaming deal. I was watching and waiting. My phone froze. Rebooted. SOLD OUT. Um what?! It’s been live for like 5 seconds…

In my experience, things didn’t go quite that fast over the last two years as they did that magical first Prime Day. But still, make a game plan, and show up ready.

Bonus Tip: Be sure to check your notification settings if you are eager about a deal. I was waiting on a reminder for this awesome score, but didn’t realize until it was too late that I had turned off notifications for the Amazon app. By the time I remembered, it was all sold out. Fail!

3. Check out the camel! that is. No I didn’t just have a stroke, its a real site. And it’s a GREAT! You simply enter the URL from the Amazon product you are looking at on their site and it shows a price history chart showing you historic highs and lows of the price on Amazon and at other retailers.

Price at an all time high? Probably best to wait if you can. The price just dropped lower than it’s ever been? BUY IT NOW! They also allow you to set alerts if the price drops below a certain level.

One thing I ask, mom friend to mom friend: if you are going to purchase through my site and decide to watch the item on CamelCamelCamel, do your girl a solid and pop back through the link on my site before you purchase it. As you know I am an open book, so I will give you all the transparent lowdown here.

When you purchase an item through a link I share, I get a commission from Amazon or other retailers from that sale. In fact, affiliate income like what I mentioned is one of the top income sources for most bloggers, and one of the easiest way to support a blogger that you love. But, the credit we get through those links expires after a set amount of time. So if it sits in your cart for a month or two while you are waiting for the Camel to give you the green light I lose that income for my business.

All I ask is that when you are ready to make a purchase, just pop over to my site and click through the first Amazon link you see. That allows me to keep blogging away and sharing these tips with you all!

4. Check other retailers! (GASP!)

I know I know, it breaks my heart to even think about cheating on my beloved AMZ. But a girl has to do what a girl has to do to get a great deal! Many other big name stores saw what was happening with Prime Day and wanted their cut. Many will release big deals just prior and during Prime Day, others will step up their shipping program temporarily, some will even offer to price match.

It doesn’t hurt to shop around, and Prime Day is the day to do it!


*Updates for Prime Day 2019 Below!*


Prime Day Deals & Specials!

Let’s get to down to the nitty gritty! I will update this section as new deals are announced, so be sure to bookmark or pin this page!


Here’s what’s new & notable:

1. Prime Day Concert

This is a brand new event exclusively fro Prime Members. Meant to highlight the perks of Amazon Music and kick off Prime Day with a bang, Prime Members will get a front row seat to live performances by Taylor Swift, SZA, Becky G, and Dua Lipa. The concert airs July 10th at 9 pm EDT, so set your reminders to tune in now! Check it out here!

2. Prime Day Launches

A fun perk returning from last year are the “Prime Day Launch” deals. Deals you see with the Amazon Blue Prime Day Launch banner, mean those products are launching EXCLUSIVELY for Prime members on Prime Day and aren’t otherwise available on the market. Ultimate marketing tactic? Sure. But still pretty dang cool if you ask me! You can check out the full line of exclusive Prime Day Launches here!

3. Early Offers

Prime Day may not be started yet but the early offer deals are. Expect some extra markdowns, like up to 30% off  30% off household essentials from now until Prime Day officially kicks off July 15th.

4. Star Studded Deals

Another fun new perk this year, these star studded deals let you shop with your favorite celeb. From Cubcoats with Hilary Duff, JUST water with Will & Jaden Smith, to ALL THINGS JOJO SIWA (literally homegirl has like an entire Prime Day category devoted to her).

5. Lots Of Extras

In addition to everything above, we are seeing tons of extra bonus deals that are lasting all month! So far we’ve seen special offers like 66% off 3 Months of Audible, 30% Off Prime Book Box For Kids, and MORE! Check out all the deals here!

Some of the best deals from past years include:

1. Televisions:

In past years we have seen top brand name 32-inch televisions as low as $99 and huge discounts on bigger TVs. Past numbers released by Amazon hint that the number of TVs purchased on Prime Day could exceed 100,000, and with these deals you can see why.

2. Amazon Devices:

In previous years we have seen everything from Amazon Fire TV Sticks, to Amazon Fire Tablets, to Amazon Echo Dots on sale during Prime Day. I think it is safe to say we will see some stellar deals on most, if not all, Amazon devices if they stick to their old habits during this Prime Day. If you’ve been scoping out a new tablet, it just may be worth waiting a few more weeks.

3. Toys:

Prime Day tradition has also brought discounts on some of the top toys on the market. We’ve seen everything from STEM learning kits, to outdoor play sets, to ride-on toys on deep discount during Prime Day.

This is a great time to get a jump on your Christmas shopping! Hooray for holiday deals that come long before the holidays! You can get everything crossed off your Christmas list long before the holiday madness sets in. All you need is a good hiding spot. Talk about a mom hack!

4. Electronics:

I can’t wait to see the electronic deals they bring out this year! In the past we have seen awesome deals on things like virtual reality headsets, sport action cameras, and more. A common favorite every year seems to be Bluetooth headphones, and I would be surprise if we didn’t see a few deals pop up for those yet again given their ongoing popularity.

5. Household Items:

Crockpots, mixers and towel racks, OH MY! This category is another one where we usually see some stellar savings! With it’s recent popularity, I would make a guess that Instant Pots will be one to look for in this department!

Being smack in the middle of wedding season, you may be able to grab something from the couple’s registry on sale. Watch a few items from their registry so you can save a few bucks!

6. Baby!

How could I ever forget about the baby deals? Two years ago we got a convertible car seat that normally retails around $150 for $77 dollars including tax! But guess what? It wasn’t from Amazon. Target ran a huge sale to compete with Prime Day, dropping the price down to $89.

From there, I stacked a coupon for 20% off which I got from the Target Car Seat Trade In Program. If you haven’t heard of it, Target holds yearly events where they accept old car seats (expired or not) and gives you 20% off coupon to get a new one. Yes please! Best part is you can use the coupon with a sale. They had one early in May this year, but you can check out their page for updates on the next one.

Any who, back to Prime Day! The Prime Day deals are always full of sweet baby deals, and you can check out a full list of baby deals here. Popular baby items from previous years include video baby monitors, baby carriers, and highchairs.


As news unfolds I will keep this page updated, so be sure to check back for the latest. What will you be looking for deals on during Prime Day? Share in the comments below so we can keep an eye out for the best deals for you!


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  • Prime Day is awesome to stock up on Christmas gifts for sure. No need to worry you won’t have your gift in the Christmas rush!

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