Welcome to Pinot & Parenting!

Hi I’m Amy, a wife, mother of two boys and a black lab, and a wine enthusiast! When we aren’t BBQing in the backyard enjoying our California weather, you can probably find our family planning our next adventure. I also enjoy trying new things in the kitchen, but I’d place myself far from an actual chef. I usually pull off Pinterest recipes with at least a solid B- effort. I’m a bit of a hot mess and I’m really excited to have you all along for the ride with me.

As I was in the early stages of planning this blog, I started brainstorming ideas and bouncing them off of bloggers in my various networks. The two things I kept coming back to were Parenting and Wine. Repeatedly I heard “pick one or the other”, pointing to the fact these would have two distinct audiences.

My first reaction was “How do I pick one when my kids are the reason I drink”… just kidding… sort of. Anywho…

There was something much bigger behind my feeling of wanting to combine the two. Quite simply, I’m not just either one of those things. I am a mom, and I love wine.

Do I love my kids more? Of course, that goes without saying. But so often when we become mothers we are forced into a role that society has deemed to be the appropriate vision of a mom.

This often leaves behind little trace of the women we were before we created tiny humans. Our hobbies, interests, and dreams often get pushed to the side if not entirely forgotten and we become consumed with raising our children.

This blog is my affirmation that it is ok to be a mom AND something else. To have hobbies outside of our children, to have interests that expand our thinking, to do something simply for the fact that we enjoy it, to take care of our souls.

If wine isn’t your thing, that’s ok- insert beer or kambucha or coffee or whatever your “thing” is into this feeling. If you aren’t a mom, that’s ok too! I’m going to get pretty real so this might just be a dose of birth control for you!

The overall message I want to shine through is a strong love for yourself and the moments you have in life.

We recently underwent a little name change, so don’t worry if you see us going by both Pairings & Parenting or Pinot & Parenting! We’re so excited to be embracing how our direction has evolved over time.

So welcome, and cheers!